Winter Olympics – are they really ‘sports’?

The Winter Olympics are obviously the stunted, pale-faced cousin of the Summer Olympics, and after watching some events on the TV I have to ask the question, are these really ‘sports’?

Many of the events seem to be merely exercises in ‘death avoidance’.

Ski Jumping

Sure, every kid enjoys the thrill of riding over a small jump on his bike, but a hundred metres of hurtling through thin air with the high chance of being smashed to pieces begs the question, is the gold medal really worth having all future meals injected intravenously.

But the most insane event is quite clearly the Luge/Skeleton

This must be the only sporting event that you can take part in AGAINST YOUR WILL.

With your head milimetres away from being torn off by ice that is flying past at 100 mph, I don’t think they need to bother giving out medals – ‘still being alive’ is rewards enough.

Next, my inability to comprehend the attraction of Ice Hockey.

The padded men are huge, yet the puck is so miniature, I have literally no idea what is happening. Suddenly one team celebrates, and I ‘presume’ they have scored. That’s no way to watch sport.

Plus, what kind of sport features, nay PRIDES ITSELF, on the fact that players can fist fight whenever they want to.

Surely no organised game should legitimately feature this next photo.

And finally, CURLING.

Olympians train everyday for 20/30 years to attain greatness in a sport, and you chose this one?!

The concept of boules/bowling is lame enough, but to bring in those mops is just a step too far into comedy. And when you sweep so furiously, are you slowing it down, or speeding it up? I can’t even work it out.

Maybe it is just the times when i turned on the TV, but I have only ever seen women take part in Curling. Is this a cruel sexist joke or do men also impress their kids and grandkids taking part in this?


6 responses to “Winter Olympics – are they really ‘sports’?

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  3. Shan, you are fricking funny. I tried reading up on curling but it’s totally illogical. Only the players and the refs understand, apparently. such a private game!!!

  4. Haha i so totally agree with you!! You’re quite funny..i still remember your taylor swift’s joke. Haha.

  5. Someone actually died this year from the luge

  6. Ice hockey is fast paced and exciting. And the brawls are mostly restricted to the NHL.
    But curling… I don’t get it either…

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